Sunday, August 12, 2012

The girl who lived in her own head.

She was inextricably lost in the intricate tangle of her own words. They overwhelmed her in a warped world that was both inherently static and simultaneously composed of a multiplicity of dynamic dimensions moving frictionlessly past each-other at an infinite variety of speeds.
There were words everywhere.

Words scrawled on walls, words neat and sober in books, words flashing into existence on computer screens, words scrolling past beneath the newsreader on TV, words stationed on little metal squares on trees, words fluttering in the slight stir of air that brushed the pieces of paper pinned beneath neatly mounted insects in well-lit glass cases, words gleaming shinily off tins, words glaring down from billboards in the sun, words sitting pompously on officious sheafs of paper, words dancing to the music noted below them, words crumpling on plastic packets, words rattling past on the side of trains, words splashed colourfully across comic strips.... words fluttering unsaid in the air, heavy with emotion, words slithering past the iron self-control of well-guarded mouths, words shouted, words whispered, words barely thought, words screamed, words spoken gently, words intersecting with themselves in heads... existence itself throbbed with words.

And she could not tell whether existence existed through words, or whether words exist as a part of existence.
Ocean. Myriad. Hues. Jazz. Mystery. Mystique. Xanadu. Korea. Coral. Sand. Sculpture. Enigma. Rorschach. Time. Thyme. Parsley. Hymn. Nymph. Lymph. Crystal. Cursory. Alleged. Auntonomy. Charisma. Barnacle. Biscuit. Squelch. Toe. Quibble. Scribble. Mouse. Discombobulate. Obfuscate. Coracle. Antique. Haze. Eyes...

They circled in her head incessantly causing a constant buzzing.
Meaning had long ceased to exist.

Lost in a meaningless universe throbbing with words, she smiled vaguely, and wondered if there was feeling behind any of it and whether feeling existed at all except in the realm of words.

Contingent. Albany. Corsica. Corset. Pirate. Flamboyant. Subtle. Curly. Frigid. Saturday. Geometry. Tertiary. Walrus. Fragrance. Nimble. Carnal. Presence. Deft. Fondle. Dandle. Ziggurat. Cataclysm. Generic. Collateral. Voluminous. Vacant. Vagrant. Vaccuous. Geriatric. Histrionic. Hubris.

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Daughter of the Night said...

Sometimes she liked to write of herself in the third person. Perhaps it made her feel special.