Saturday, June 4, 2011

Concert Girl

A loose knot at the base of her neck
Holds the wispy cloud of hair together
Black, against the skinny chocolate brown.

She peers long-necked over his shoulder
Her eyes large, wide and black
Rimmed with thick black lashes.

The music swells
And she throws her head back
Laughing at some secret joke.
Her eyes sparkle a magic
And her voice is both throaty and lilting
As her slender fingers push a vagrant wavy black lock out of her eyes.

She puts her arm around the boy next to her
And drags him away from the crowd pulsing with the music
To sit
Under a tree
And talk
And play with his long straight flowing hair.

They laugh
And her eyes sparkle with life and mischief
As she picks a dandelion
And blows it into his face.

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