Friday, June 3, 2011


Lethargy stretches its caramel limbs
And gapes a yawn
Drawing in a wispy longing
For purpose.

It wastes away, thinly
Feeding on the cynical greyness
Of the postmodern neon sleeplessnes.
A ravenous starving mellowness
Consumes and permeates the depression.

A spark of green life
Bursts through the coffee coloured earth
Stirring it with excitement and pride.
The joy of discovery hums in the air
And every breath is suffused with inspiration
The riot of colour rises to a cresendo...

And then sinks into a lethargic oblivion.

Sometimes I hear my mind speak at different paces
And my head buzzes with different instructions
Spoken at different speeds
They mesh together in my head.

So now... and there
But here... and then,
Turn slow... close eyes...
Look where... think fast!
Why now... then when?
What next... why me?

And no matter how hard I try
I can't filter the voices
To hear what each says
At times like these
I contemplate insanity
And reality
And the fuzzy inbetween.

And when I sit up suddenly,
My head spins.

1 comment:

Aadithyan Mohan Kaniyamparambil said...

Wow... Vary naice! I loved it! The whole thing was... brilliant!