Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The lengths people go to for Chocolate Cake

There lives, in Heber Hall, an unfortunate lovelorn soul who regularly provides Miss Mint with chocolate cake. Thereupon the rest of us, all fall upon the aforementioned cake like ravening wolves.

This time, in order to avoid the eventuality of this calamity taking place once more, he sent forth, through an emissary, miserly portions of the same chocolate cake to all those who he knew regularly deprived the fair maiden of her intended share, in the hope that these portions would satisfy their insatiable hunger and allow the favoured Mint to devour her share in relative peace. (Your esteemed author was not one of those favoured few who merited a share of cake, and it was only by dint of a lucky chance that she was with one of the faroured few upon delivery of their share of the cake and managed to partake of it!)

Unfortunately the boy in question was imprudent enough to voice his hope, and all those who heard understood one fact very clearly. This was that Miss Mint had merited a larger share than they.

Thereupon there was a wild stampede to Miss Mint’s room, and peace was only established when she insisted that she would only open the cake after dinner. Her bosom friends (yours truly being included in their number), then left her room, rather unceremoniously.

After dinner, your esteemed author suddenly remembered Miss Mint’s promise, and dashed off to her room to demand the promised cake. Upon entry, however, she was told that she could not have any, as Miss Mint had to keep some to give to other people. Despite the ignominy, yours truly made one last appeal, indicating the miniscule portion that she wished to consume, and was met with a strong denial. Upon retreating, both Miss Mint and Miss Kid (for whom one of the pieces was being kept) expressed their sincere and deep sadness at having to deny yours truly a share of the cake.

On relating the story to sympathetic others, your esteemed author took much pleasure in the support she received from one Miss Piggy (who had already made off with her share of Miss Mint’s cake) and they resolved never to let Miss Mint hear the end of it.

Yours truly, however, came up with a cunning plan. Having purchased earlier the same day, a packet of Bingo chips (Bingo chips having particular significance to your esteemed author)decided to bargain with them. The lure of the Bingos was too strong, however, and yours truly decided to forgo the chocolate cake for the pleasure of an uninterrupted private session with the packet of Bingo chips…

As the night wore on, your esteemed author savoured a movie in the knowledge that the Bingos were soon to be devoured… thereupon she received an accusatory message from none other than Miss Mint: You’re watching a movie, arentchya?

Pained at such allegations, yours truly finished the movie and set forth for Miss Mint’s abode. (it might help to add that the accused had no balance and could not reply to the message.) She knocked for a while, but on receiving no answer, looked in at the window and surveyed Miss Mint’s roommate fast asleep and Miss Mint apparently deeply engrossed in her preparation for the next day’s CA. Proceeding to give Miss Mint a missed call caused her (the aforementioned Mint) to awaken and look around blearily. Upon catching sight of your esteemed author at the window, Miss Mint screamed. (This is somewhat unfair, as yours truly is not, to put it mildly, such an unendurable sight as that!)

Having woken Miss Mint, turned out, on the whole to have been a positive action, as Miss Mint needed to study and had fallen asleep. She thanked yours truly for having awakened her and offered her Miss Kid’s share of chocolate cake. Righteously refusing Miss Kid’s share, your esteemed author proceeded to offer Miss Mint the precious Bingo chips. Miss Mint readily partook. And yours truly could not resist the urge to bring up the chocolate cake again “I was going to come here and say ‘would you like some Bingo, even though you didn’t give me the chocolate cake……?’”

That did it. Miss Mint, steeped in guilt, offered yours truly the chocolate cake again. And this time, she was not refused!

The chocolate cake was delicious. Soft and rich with just the right amount of chocolate to be luxurious and savour, but not enough to be too much.

Here’s to anadamide!


Kitchi said...

I'm not entirely sure what anadamide means... but apparently blackmail comes readily to you.

Also - The feeling of being in wonderland just grows after reading this bit.

Daughter of the Night said...

Yay! Apparently it's 'anandamide' (says Varun Warrier). It's the thingy in chocolate that makes you happy.

minita said...

I need some chocolate cake now!