Monday, January 26, 2009

A Ballad celebrating the supreme conquests of a long lost Hero

*Transalated from the original Cormenplink by Psychoclozenge Minion IV

It happened then in Twilligrath,
That old and  ancient land,
That habitat of Bizoriths,
Those quantities of Sand...

That Abner Havoc Gilliborg,
The son of Krillitoo,
Whose blatant promiscuity,
Yielded a child or two;

Set off among the Keeglepronx,
To seek his unknown dad,
The scringle-braindest verture,
Our friend had ever had!

He took with him his frigglegree,
To keep him warm a'nights,
And on his back a Zorangi,
With feeble-fronded tights.

The nights were long, the days were hot,
But Abner saw his goal,
The finding of the Kigilfee,
Who'd fathered him, alone.

So Abner marched on through the zloo,
The flonk he minded not,
His Vicaree and Tulipoo,
They saved him from Bizorts.

The frayed and tattered Callumpig,
A likeness of his dad,
The only thing old Krillitoo,
Of worth had everhad,

He carried it with careful pride,
He guarded it with zeal,
But when he'd marched for four whole days,
He sold it for a meal.

For Abner Havoc Gilliborg,
The son of Krillitoo,
Was not the spritest brightest lad,
To ever conk a zloo.

He slipped, he slonked, he prillitrogged,
And zloshed his way up Xare,
And when he reached the very top,
Looked down and without care,

He zwiggled, zwogged, he fertilogged,
And when he was all done,
He scratched his head and wondered why,
He'd come far in the sun!

He sbeegletrogged back down great Xare,
He hellaphinged his mind,
The more he squogged, the less he brogged,
The dorgle squorncloffs' hind!

The Schiggleflinx, they found him there,
And knew him by his size,
As the only child great Gloober had,
By Krillitoo the wise!

In great deep joy, they bore him home,
To their uncharted lands,
For years they'd sought great Gloober's kin,
True heir of the Sands!

And thus was Abner Gilliborg,
Forerunner of the Clugs,
The King of Larn and Southerlands,
Supremest wump of mugs!

Sechornflix wild and briggled kwild,
The Dow of sluggy lumps,
Crowned king of all Zangilliborg,
The diggle flug of grumps.

And thus was wise old Krillitoo,
Divested of a son,
The sight and gilliflight, of whom,
Caused goose pimples to run.

So Krillitoo went on her way,
To have more scringent sons,
Her daughters Snorl and Billigoo,
They too had ample fun.

And mothers up and down the land,
They sang this song of yore,
To sons of no great mental frand,
And daughters who did whore.

So Frizzlewig and Gorgle off,
For you too may be blessed,
As Abner Havoc Gilliborg,
Or Krillitoo Kargessed!

And you, my faithful Gormenplink,
Who waded through this rot,
Have now lost all ability,
To speak without a blot.

Your mind now swirls with Zargenfloss,
It bursts with wild Slagoo,
It oozes kormenflazert's scrog,
So best of luck to you!!

My entry for creative writing in Saarang. I completely enjoyed writing it, as you can see. I guess it comes under Nonsense Verse.


Ashita said...

well well well.. wht can i say? i'm flabbergasticulated.. u are simply marvellumptious.. u could come up with a spoof of all the fantasy stuff thts sitting on the shelves, u know.. :-)

Ashita said...
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