Tuesday, May 20, 2008


When we left the swimming pool, the light outside was dim, and a strong wind started up. I have lived in Calcutta seven years now… and this is my eighth summer here. Never until today did I encounter winds this strong in Kolkata. At one point I felt it might actually blow me away! As I walked on, the wind got stronger, blowing sharp shards of dust against us. It hurt, against the bare skin of my shoulders. We took shelter in the watchman’s room. The wind coming in through the tiny slivers of windows were enough to hurt us! As the taxi drove us home, we saw huge branches that had fallen off in the wind. Debris littered the roads. The rain pelted down, and the wind rose again. And for a moment, I felt reverent. Here were forces far more powerful than I. I could never hope to fully understand them. These forces were too delicately balanced by so many factors, that I could never truly comprehend them. I could never hope to control such a force. Even if I could do things to upset the balance… to unleash the wrath of the earth, I could never hope to control it. I felt humbled. Stronger forces exist. Whether these forces have consciousness or a benign conscience, I don't know... Such forces exist. Perhaps that’s God!


Dark said...

I lived a major part of my life in Calcutta(I really hate the name Kolkata) I remember those day in mid-May when it was intensely hot humid and everything there had a permanently salty taste in your lips all the time.
You will hear people cursing everyone and everything and talking how it used to be never so hot before.....(and soon you join the league too); and then you will feel around 4- 4:30 in the evening it is actually not as hot as you expected. The sun looked a bit dim than usual its rays fighting and loosing against a grayish silhouetted army and the sky suddenly becomes a battleground splashed with colors of red and yellow and blue all over. Then out of nowhere suddenly it a terrible wind blows all, it starts raining as if to celebrate the victory over the tyranny of the sun :)
The most unusual thing is that the whole city... little homeless boys, beggars, rickshaws, nitwits, engineers, students, housewives all who have been working in the scrotching heat stop for a moment and the whole city comes to a standstill. The asphalt which looked lifeless and deadly suddenly looks like a black river full of life and activity....and then I in the rain numerous time realised even for a fraction of a second my connection to mother nature....I sure miss those days :)

Dark said...
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Daughter of the Night said...

Beautiful, isn't it?