Saturday, October 27, 2007


Twiddle dee dee di dum
Ta tum ta tum ta tum
Nothing makes sense... the world's a mess,
Twiddle dum twiddle dum-um
There is no absolute... and that's the sole whole truth,
Which contradicts... and genuflects and is a diddly- dum!
A dum, pa pum, ta rum!


George said...

Lovely. Beautiful. Brilliant. I must have the English bunch deconstruct that.

Daughter of the Night said...

He he... thanks. Yeah, I'd love to hear what they'd say.

It was complete random nonsense...

Oogata Otoko said...

....I am struck agog. That is 'profund'. Ill get back to you with that deconstruction in a bit though.... I have to regain my senses!

the psycho guy said...



I cannot stress on how profound it was! sigh!
I wish I could even attempt at writing like this. What did you say ...?
Oh yes "A dum, pa pum, ta rum!" I agree completely. My my, you are the philosopher, aren't you?!

Oh, and my favorite line was "Twiddle dum twiddle dum-um". It shows a lot of depth. Very promising. Encore Encore!!!

Daughter of the Night said...

Thank you, thank you.
*takes a bow*