Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Night Storm

In the still silent waters of the night, the silver moon sees her reflection. The velvet sky around her, is a comfortable inky black… but it is crowded… by chattering glittering stars and austere, important, condescending clouds.

A single droplet of rain, from the raging storm above, falls like a tear and ripples the smooth surface of the still water. The ripple spreads to the edges of the lake, and churns up a mass of glutinous scum… rotting fish and dead plants float up to the putrid soupy surface… But still the calm reflected moon is majestic in her tranquility. And from her window, the girl watches... In the morning the beauty is gone. The garish sun blazes in all his flashy splendour… and the world outside the window is revealed in all its artificial hypocrisy. The girl sighs, and turns away. The mystery of her night is dead.


Até said...

And this post, I presume, is its corpse?

Daughter of the Night said...

He he... not really.
Actually this was an exercise. We had to come up with a list of five articles, characteristic of us. And we couldn't mention those articles in the piece. Others are supposed to guess what they were.

Try guessing what mine were. Bet you won't get it!

Até said...

Hm, five characteristic articles, eh?

Judging the post, I'd say:

Blunt. Obvious. Cliché. Slightly obnoxious. Tries too hard, and so, ends up sounding slightly artificial.

How'd I do?

Daughter of the Night said...

I meant physical 'things'.

By way of a character judgement though, that wasn't too bad. I'll disagree on obnoxious, though.

Até said...

I don't.

Daughter of the Night said...

Obviously. That's why you wrote it in the first place.
Really. Why waste time stating redundant facts...?

Até said...

A month late comeback. Nice. You're getting faster-

Daughter of the Night said...

*takes a bow*
As you can see, I have other things to do...

Até said...

You mean apart from writing incoherent tripe?

Daughter of the Night said...

Oh yes, loads of other things.
Come to think of it, I never write incoherent tripe...

If you don't get what I mean... well, then, it's your loss...

Até said...

Firstly, it's great that you can 'come to think of it'. You have, finally, attempted to think, and I find it most commendable- Congratulations. One hopes that your endeavours at attempting to think shall be successful. Perhaps, given time and effort, you shall finally be able to think one day; but considering that thinking is such an alien concept to you, don’t be too disheartened if it doesn’t happen all at once.

Secondly, I’m sure that you consider your work readable, if not works of art. These delusions, darling, are probably what keeps you happy, and stops you from committing suicide (which would, so help me god, be such a blessing). One hopes, however, that you shall learn that there is more to writing than putting down random words in syntactically correct order. There is such a thing as style, but with a name like ‘Daughter of the Night’, I doubt you can comprehend that.

But you have started to think, which, again, is more than what is expected of you.

Isha said...

"...but considering that thinking is such an alien concept to you..."

Wonderful how people can judge without switching on their own brains first.

"...and stops you from committing suicide (which would, so help me god, be such a blessing)..."

If it were such a blessing that she dies why the hell even bother and visit her blog?

"One hopes, however, that you shall learn that there is more to writing than putting down random words in syntactically correct order."

Again - why hope when you don't mind her death?

In general I must say I admire your enormous self-confidence. You seem to have a very high opinion of yourself. Or perhaps a very low one if you actually spend time stating your redundant derogatory opinion.

I seriously hope for you (because I actually would think it a shame for anybody, even you, to commit suicide) that YOU begin to think. Darling.

Até said...

“Wonderful how people can judge without switching on their own brains first.”

My brain, unlike yours, is not an appliance which can be switched off. I suggest, however, that you get your appliance serviced.

“If it were such a blessing that she dies why the hell even bother and visit her blog?”

It was because I visited her blog that I consider it a blessing she die. With defective appliances, such as these, what else can be done? But considering she is mean and insensitive enough not to pull the plug, the least I can do (I hope) is to convince her to shut up.

“…why hope when you don't mind her death?”

Because if you can’t eradicate fools, you must educate them.

My repeating my "derogatory" statements do not indicate anything about my self-opinion, but rather, indicate that you’re too stupid to understand them the first time. By ‘you’, I mean both Isha, and Daughter of the Night, whose appliances are long past their warrantee period and, considering that they malfunction ever so often, they should be scrapped as soon as possible; in such cases, a lobotomy would be effective.

Well, sweetheart, considering you think you can think (which is a lot of thinking for you), I suggest, that you tried thinking, and if you think you got that, think again.

Daughter of the Night said...

I'm flattered that you check my blog so regularly... but if it annoys you so much, don't bother. Seriously. I CAN survive without your constructive criticism (sarcasm intended).
And really, since you don't know Isha, and haven't met me for so long, you can't assume that our 'appliances are long past their warrantee period'...
My work is my work. I make no excuses for it... I don't need to. I enjoy writing it, and so it serves it's purpose. Really, no one's forcing you to read it... and if you feel you're doing the world a great service with your criticism of my work, think again. (Yes, think. We all know you can... or rather that you think you can. There's no proof as yet... but I suppose everyone can think. After a fashion...)
And if you're hoping I'll kill myself, you're to be sadly disappointed. I'm enjoying myself too much.
How's college, by the way?

Thanks, sweetheart.

Até said...

I’d like to clarify the fact that my comments are directed towards the Daughter of the Night, and not G. J. They are two different people. Every comment published in your blog is directed towards that pseudonym that you have decided to make your identity in this world. Therefore, it is not you I wish dead- I couldn’t, I don’t know you well enough to wish it- but the Daughter of the Night, because of her work, which I seem to find particularly atrocious.

Having said that, and since you’ve taken it upon yourself to shed the pseudonyms we’ve masked our identities with, and make it personal, for some reason, I’d like to inform you that me not having met you for a long time does not make much of a difference to what I said, for your appliance was long past its warrantee period right then. As for not knowing Isha, well, thank god for small mercies--

I know you don’t make excuses for your work, and I also know that neither you, nor anybody else will try. After all, I doubt anyone can come up with an excuse good enough.

I do not wish to do the world a service; it would do no good- it’s infested with too many who are like your very own sweetheart. Also, I know that you do not appreciate criticism, your world of denial, fostered lovingly by the sweethearts that surround you and pounce to your rescue, would not allow it. However, every published work has its fair share of criticism whether you, or your sweethearts, with their unsolicited interference, like it or not.

You may believe that there is no proof as to whether I think, but that hardly matters- we already have proof of the fact that you cannot.

Yes, you are enjoying yourself. Ignorance does happen to be bliss. However, I can assure you that those reading your blog are not. Those who say they do, well, they’re either your sweetheart, or have no choice but to be- simply because they cannot find an excuse good enough- why? Well, perhaps because they have not thought about it.

I know you “CAN survive” without my criticism, however, if you do take heed, you shall live, which is much more than mere survival, I assure you. And no, you flatter yourself- you were not sarcastic at all.

That said, I’d like to thank you, and Isha- I have enjoyed this fencing immensely. However, constant inquiry as to why I visit this blog, or rather, just this post, is quite a party-pooper. Therefore, I shall take your leave--

Farewell, and happy days to all—

[P.S.: I knew who you were too, however, I chose to ignore it and focus only on the identity you have taken up. I hope someday you shall be able to do the same. The only reason you take up another identity is because you wish to create a distinction. However, I have only recently discovered that people also take up a new identity ‘cause they find it hep. I was not using that context, however. Therefore, I’d like to apologise for any trauma my, Até’s, comments may have caused G.J., they weren’t meant for her, but for the Daughter of the Night, who very well deserved it.]

Daughter of the Night said...

If you find it enjoyable, by all means, please do continue to visit.

Unfortunately for you, though, neither the Daughter of the Night, nor GJ is going to commit suicide.

'Daughter of the Night' is not here because she sounds 'hep'. I'm not going to explain her existence to you. Maybe someday you'll come across her when you least expect it, and you'll make the connection... or maybe you still won't get it. Anyway, this is not something I can explain. If you get it, good... if not, well, I don't really think it's something you'll lose any sleep about.

And no, contrary to your opinion, I do appreciate criticism... what you were doing, wasn't entirely criticism, though, was it? Mostly you were merely describing my work in unfavourable terms. If you don't like something about it, tell me what it is, and if I agree with your inference, I'll try avoiding making the same mistake. That's criticism. I think somewhere in the middle you almost managed it - Blunt. Obvious. Cliché. Slightly obnoxious. Tries too hard, and so, ends up sounding slightly artificial.

Thanks, but I already knew that... though as I said, I disagree on obnoxious. And it’s not really that obvious… do you know what I’m talking about there? Also, as I think I mentioned in the post itself, this was written a long time ago, I was merely putting it up, having found it in a folder with some earlier work. It made me laugh. I felt like putting it up. That's all there is to it.

And no, contrary to what you believe, the people who say they enjoy reading my blog actually do. It helps to take into account that the world is full of different people, with different opinions and different tastes. Just because you see something one way, it doesn't mean everyone else does. Nothing anyone does will meet with a unanimously positive response. Besides, I don't write for my audience. I write because I enjoy it...

Lúthien Táralóm said...

Really, delusions of grandeur is right.
Normally I'd never bother to comment, but judging by your most recent article, you haven't improved, so why don't you put something up that you think is really good writing, I'll be back in a week latest to check it out.

Ate, write something instead of practicing sarcasm.

[Yes, I am publishing the same comment twice even though you're going to get this is your mail, since this is a really old article]

Daughter of the Night said...

Oh, here you are again!
As I said, have fun.