Monday, July 23, 2007


There is something rather delightful about your phone going 'ping' (usually this indicates a message)... particularly when you are studying. There is a moment of uncertainity as you run quickly through the list of people who may have messaged you... It could be your friend, or your sister, your mother, a senior, a boy you have a crush on, a cousin... there is something delightful about this moment of uncertainity.

At times I deliberately prolong this moment, putting off the ultimate moment of revelation... It is the same thrill you get, when the doorbell rings unexpectedly, or the telephone rings when you are doing something you don't enjoy... it is the thrill of not knowing... Possibly more delightful, is the thrill of not knowing your future... not knowing whether you're going to pick science or humanities... not knowing whether you're going to end up in Chennai or Mumbai or Kolkata... not knowing whether you're going to do English, Physics, Anthropology or History... it really is a wonderful feeling.

So many futures open before you. It is a pity one has to pick only one... but then, do you really? There are people who do a course on statistics, and then do another undergraduate course in Literature... Why not? Why not do everything? Knowing, too, has its own charm... but so far, in my life, knowing has never matched the thrill of anticipation, the stepping off into the unknown...

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